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Beautiful Designs that accompany your kids every day

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Based in Paris since 1977 fantastic French brand Petit Jour Paris produces a range of
quality children’s accessories centered on characters from popular children's books such as Ernest et Celestine, Le Petit Prince, Peppa Pig, Pierre Lapin, Elmer, and Barbapapa.

In addition, Petit Jour Paris developed illustrations by in-house illustrators from the US and the Scandinavian countries -- Maison Petit Jour established in 2017 groups together all its own collections, created with love and passion by illustrators in close collaboration with our design studio.

Petit Jour Paris offers the very youngest their first tableware with matching bibs and aprons for the 0 to 4 years old, plus a number of backpacks, pouches, and baskets coming in all sizes. Petit Jour Paris produces accessories for childhood and all this with an absolute obsession for quality and beauty that accompany kids every day.

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