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- Doodle A Droodle -

"The Purple Cow" brings the "Droodles" back to life with a twist !

Droodles are nonsense amusing cartoons that were originally created in the early 1950s. The name "droodle" signifies a mix between a "doodle" (a sketch) and a "riddle".

In this entertaining droodle game, players need to think creatively and sketch their interpretation of the droodle. If they did a good job in sketching - they win points. A good laugh is guaranteed!

This game assists in developing fine motor skills, creative and "out of the box" thinking as well as sharpening one's sense of humor!

Package includes 108 droodles, erasable tin board, 2 erasable pens, a sand timer and instructions booklet.


Age: 5+      Players: 1-10


Winner of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio - Gold Seal Award


- Dare For The Truth -

'Dare for the Truth' is the Purple Cow attempt to 'tame the beast' of the wild classic game and make it safe and fun and accessible to a broader range of audiences.

It's is the World's first card game to come in a bottle! It’s a great way to learn more about your friends and family, maybe even more than you ever wanted to know...


We've made 3 versions:
1. The classic 'Teen' version with all the embarrassing quests and intrusive 'Truth' questions.
2. The bonding 'Family' version – want to see daddy doing hilarious ‘Dares’, want to hear your kid's dreams and fears? This is just the game for you.
3. The ‘Outdoors’ version - what can be more suitable than playing this game near a bonfire outdoors? We created ‘Truth’ questions and ‘Dare’ tasks to fit the occasion.

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