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- TO GO Magnetic travel games -

Compact and chique, a variety of 25 classic board games designed in a slim tin case, printed both sides with magnetic pawns and pieces. Fun and affordable travel games, for all ages.

- 50 travel games -

"50"  was born from our frustration as parents seeing our kids glued to their screens - if it is not the TV it is the PlayStation, if it's not the computer it's their Smartphone.  Don't you feel sometimes like tearing your kids away from their screen?

Our new "50" series is designed just for that! But it does it in a FUN and constructive way. In house or "on the go" "50" provides hours of FUN screen free activities that children love and that assist in developing cognitive and fine motor skills.

This series come with 4 exciting titles, a beautifully designed tin box and most importantly an attractive price point! Some games are designed from Easy to Expert levels on all games!!  

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